Which customers do you accept and which ones don't you?

A company will (and should) always strive to sell as much as possible. If the customer is creditworthy and pays correctly, then this may be possible without any restrictions. If doubts arise in one way or another, it boils down to limiting your risk as much as possible, so it is very important to screen your customers in advance.

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Fast, objective and uniform

Build an automated onboarding process so that everyone in your company accepts customers in a fast, objective and uniform manner. See also our onboarding solution in the Risk & Complince section.

Customer acceptance - Onboarding


Graydon Decision Model

Until now, it has always been a select group of experts who analysed and interpreted the business data and credit reports of customers and prospects. Based on that data, they then decided to accept businesses (under certain conditions) or to reject them.

And yet, that evaluation was not always done in the same way. That is because manual assessments depend on knowledge and personal interpretation. With the Graydon Decision Model, subjective interpretation is now truly a thing of the past.

You can create different decision models based on sector, business type or your risk appetite. This way, you create a fast and objective acceptance process, tailored to your needs. Furthermore, you are no longer dependent on a hand full of specialists, instead allowing anyone in your business to evaluate every business relation in the same way.

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Graydon Onboarding

The onboarding process starts with the assessment of new prospects. Is the subject creditworthy, so that it can and will pay on time? How likely is it that you are dealing with a fraudulent party? And what about the compliance of this new customer?

Graydon Onboarding allows you to combine these three checks in one tool. You set up the various processes, known as journeys, yourself via a user-friendly platform. The entire onboarding process is then automated. You no longer have to worry about integrating or logging into several different IT systems. The time-consuming manual check of new prospects is significantly reduced. This results in fast and seamless onboarding, whilst improving customer satisfaction.

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Success Stories
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  • Satic-Minera

    “Thanks to the Graydon Decision Model, all our employees can quickly perform a credit check.”
    Christian Pharasyn
    Credit controller, Satic-Minera
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  • EuroSys

    “We have not had to write off a single bankruptcy in the past year.”
    Claudio Bertozzi
    Accountant, EuroSys
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    EuroSys & Graydon, a success story
  • Adecco

    “We handle an average of 1,000 customers per person in the credit department. Automating part of it is therefore a must.”
    Jocelyne Vandecauter
    Credit Manager, Adecco Belgium
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    Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story
  • Fleetmaxx Solutions

    "The credit recommendations, data and service from Graydon, in my experience, are second to none."
    Steve Kershaw
    Head of Credit, Fleetmaxx Solutions
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    Fleetmaxx Solutions & Graydon, a success story
  • PTS Ireland - Plumbing Trade Supplies

    “Graydon were able to deliver international credit reports to serve the Irish market.”
    Deborah Hegan
    Credit Control Team Leader, PTS Ireland
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    PTS Ireland & Graydon, a success story

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