The impact score

Which of your customers can survive a crisis?
The impact score

Out of nowhere, the corona virus grabbed our economy by the throat and is now threatening the continuity of many companies. Graydon calculated that one in four companies will be in significant trouble if their revenues plummet for two months. The share of very health companies in our economy is visible decreasing. Do you know which of your customers can cope with this crisis? Do you have any idea what will be left of your customer portfolio after the crisis?

To help with answering these questions, Graydon has developed the Impact Score and the Impact Score Report, based on the (partial or full) discontinuity of our economy. The Score indicates to what extent a company can survive a two-month period of reduced activity or complete closure. In other words, to what extent does it have sufficient reserves to, initially without external (financial) support measures, survive this period? Not a prediction, a reflection of the harsh reality.

With adjustments based on measures

As the support measures are announced, the model will be adjusted accordingly. If the initial duration of two months of this crisis period is extended, that too will be immediately reflected in the model and the Score.

Use the online application to upload your customer portfolio, have it enriched and immediately download it again. By the way, in the Graydon Impact Score Report, in addition to the Impact Score, you’ll also find the Day 0 situation, the situation on the day before the crisis measures were imposed. This means you get an insight into the situation that the company was in at that time and the extent of the impact the crisis has on that situation.

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