Discontinuity Score

Predict which companies will cease trading within 12 months
Discontinuity Score

Your customers are among your most precious assets. That is why you invest time, money, and other means in them. You pamper them and keep your eye on them when times are tough. And yet, sometimes you cannot prevent them from going out of business. Which is extra regrettable considering all the effort you went through for them. However, with the Discontinuity Score you may be able to see it coming.

The Discontinuity Score checks the chance of a company ceasing to exist in the next 12 months. Not so much due to bankruptcy, but through dissolution, merger, takeover, and cessation. The Score considers, among other things, the financial data, payment experiences, activities of parent and daughter companies, demographic data, and many other elements.

A unique segmenting tool

Imagine enriching your customer portfolio with the Discontinuity Score. How much would your efficiency improve if you segmented your customers on that basis?

  • On the one hand it gives insight into customers who might turn into defaulters. These are customers whose payment behaviour must be tracked closely.
  • On the other hand, it also offers insight into the customers who in future will no longer contribute to your revenue. Loss of revenue will no longer come as a surprise. You can predict the loss in advance, and in that way, it is – combined with the Growth Score – an indispensable tool for drafting your strategy for the future.

In addition, the Discontinuity Score can be very interesting for entrepreneurs looking to acquire a company, or for companies looking for specific employees.