Customized scoring

The ultimate score fitted to you offers additional impulses
custom scoring

Graydon developed generic scores and prediction models based on different data sources. Customers use these to support their decision-making process. Because, research and studies have shown repeatedly that companies take more efficient decisions and achieve better results if they base their actions on prediction models. Innovative companies take this one step further. They look for personalised scores, which they can implement to further optimise their internal processes.

Prediction models and scores provide an indication of ‘the chance of’, i.e. bankruptcy, defaulting, growth, economic activity, etc. And that is something you can draw as widely as you like. That is why more and more companies look further and investigate how they can compile the ultimate score. A customised score that helps them to take that extra step forward. The ultimate element that indicates ‘the chance of ...’ what they need to know. It gives these companies the option to work even more goal-oriented and efficiently within specific domains.

What are the options?

  • Companies link specific internal data elements to data from Graydon to compile a customised score.
  • Different companies from the same sector share data to compile a unique score that is shared only between the participating partners.
  • Graydon acts as an intermediary between companies that are prepared to share (a specific element from) their database with other players. Graydon provides its knowledge and expertise to compile a customised score that indicates ‘the chance of ...’.

A practical example: leasing - energy

A leasing company has data about companies that have electric vehicles in their vehicle fleet. Interesting data for an energy company that is looking for places to build electric charging points. This way, the energy company knows where ‘the chance of installing electric charging points’ is highest and most interesting.

Or the example of the Social Secretariat

Social secretariats have a lot of personal data, including age, income, sickness, ... This can be used to score many aspects, including the chance of a burn-out, absenteeism, poor management, social fraud, work floor satisfaction, ...

Is there a specific element that makes you think: ‘If we could know (fill in your specific data element), then we could make significant forward motion’? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If we cannot help you ourselves, we may very well have someone in our network who can.