Graydon Stakeholder Search

Graydon Stakeholder Search

In which organisations is (was) your contact person active? And how do they perform?

Small to medium-sized companies have on average one to three business leaders on their management boards. Due to their limited number, these individuals have a huge impact on a company’s performance, because they are closely involved in the strategy, the implementation of the business plan, the standards and values the company stands for, as well as in the financial and operational activities. It is therefore vital to find out as much as possible about all the stakeholders of a company and assess their reputation and their performance before engaging with them.

If business leaders aren’t performing well, a business can quickly go downhill. However, the reverse also applies. A successful entrepreneur can give a company new momentum.

Graydon Stakeholder Search is designed to support financial professionals and is an indispensable addition to your usual credit report. It allows you to conduct a search on an individual. The concise report tells you exactly who you are dealing with, which organisations this stakeholder is (or was) involved with and how those organisations are/ were performing.

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Components of a Stakeholder Report

  • The service address of the individual
  • Their date of birth (month and year)
  • The number of positions that this person holds as a stakeholder
  • Their active and inactive responsibilities with the function they occupied (including the start and end dates)
  • The name, address and registration number of these companies

Do you want to know which organisation(s) a business relation is (or has been) active with, without requesting an extensive business analysis? Then start with a Stakeholder Report.

An evaluation of your potential partner

  • An evaluation of the number of active and inactive director mandates and the impact of this business relation
  • In which passive enterprises was the concerned party involved and what was their share of responsibility?
  • Whether your sales department can approach the stakeholder’s connections to turn them into prospects

Before you start a relationship, make sure you know who you are dealing with and what impact this individual had on the organisations they represent. Give yourself some peace of mind with a detailed stakeholder report.

Graydon Stakeholder Reports are accessible, whenever you need them, through our state-of-the-art online platform, Graydon Insights. Contact us to activate this solution on your account.