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Summaries of Annexes to the Belgian State Journal

Each new publication is available online latest 8 hours after publication.

Use the summaries from the deeds announced in the Annexes to the Belgian State Journal if you need assurance of your business partner’s authorisation level; for mandatory audits of the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner); or in other identification and verification situations. The Graydon portal offers a user-friendly way to find one of the millions of incorporation deeds saved in the database.;

What could you find in such an incorporation deed?

  • An overview of the official company information, including its official name and registered office, the purpose and legal form
  • the date of inception/incorporation
  • the founders/shareholders
  • the authorised share capital and paid-up capital
  • the company’s activities
  • the start and end dates of the first financial year
  • the company management, including managers, executives and authorised representatives

Amending the original incorporation deed requires official publication. This would include changes in the Executive Board, relocating the registered office, changing the trading name, higher or lower share capital, dissolution of the company, mergers, suspending operations, etc. You can find all this information in the Annexes to the Belgian State Journal.


It is quite impossible to check for changes to your business relations on a daily basis in the Journal. It is easier to use the monitoring system. Did one of your customers announce a new incorporation deed? Thanks to monitoring, you will know about it within a maximum of 8 hours after publication. Perhaps one of your customers decided to suspend operations, or suddenly another shareholder has taken over. The information will enable you to take action.

The following deeds are available from Graydon:

  • incorporation deeds online from 1963
  • non-profit association deeds online from 1995
  • non-profit association deeds offline from 1919