Extracts from the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette

Everything in a single unique digital archive

Graydon Belgium is the only provider to hold a digital archive containing all of the corporate records published in the Belgian Official Gazette – since 1963 for operating companies and since 1995 for non-profit organisations. And with our user-friendly search criteria, viewing online extracts from the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette is so easy.

Available immediately

We archive every new publication in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette and make it available for you in our online archive within eight hours.

Offline by request

Looking for records that are not available online? We have the details of items published prior to 1963 on microfilm. For non-profit organisations, we even have all records dating from 1919 onwards in an offline archive.

UBO check

All UBOs in a single click

Want to know who the ultimate beneficial owner of a company is? A single click in UBO Search will give you all of the details you need.

Automatic audit trail

For the purpose of audits and providing evidence, you need to save all of your steps in an audit trail. Graydon UBO Search enables you to do this uniformly and automatically in a secure online archive.

Complying with legislation

The legislation on compliance is extremely complex. Graydon keeps a very close eye on changes to the law and tailors its solutions to take account of the most recent modifications to legislation.