Audit trail

Automatically create an audit trail in your Know Your Customer policy.

If you fall within the scope of Anti-Money Laundering Legislation, you are required to file an audit trail. An audit trail ensures that a company or supervisory body can view and monitor all transactions and auditing tasks. This ensures more external transparency during audits. Internally, an adequate audit trail allows for tracing each payment to the associated invoice and delivery. This prevents internal fraud. The audit trail module within the Customer Due Diligence solution enables you to arrange for automated filing of all your UBO checks and integrity assessments. This ensures your administrative process is in order and you swiftly and automatically comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation.

How does it work? Graydon’s ‘audit trail’ is part of the Know Your Customer solution.

  • Step 1: You check the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) with the module UBO Check.
  • Step 2: You assess the UBO for any integrity risks.
  • Step 3: You automatically monitor the UBO. Both upon entering into new business relations and transactions, and periodically.
  • Step 4: You record all your steps in an online archive for your audit trail.

This digital archive is protected with high-level security and a back-up recovery procedure, preventing any loss of data. The audit trail also offers the option of segregated roles, allowing you to trace each step to a user profile.