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Graydon has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and in the UK, and has entered into numerous partnerships with businesses in these countries while continuing to provide data extensively in these markets and internationally. You will find all our partnerships on this page. Use the filters to refine the offer.

Among our partners you will find both commercial and integration partners. Commercial partners distribute Graydon's solutions within their community on attractive terms. Integration partners have a direct link with the Graydon database in their software packages. That makes it easy to integrate business information directly into your systems.

Graydon partnerships
Our partners

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Partnership Graydon - KBC Bank & Verzekering
KBC Bank & Insurance
Commercial partners
Just like Graydon, KBC Bank & Insurance strives for a more transparent economy. That is why the company offers access to Graydon company information to its 180,000 business customers, thanks to a number of exclusive formulas.
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Partnership Graydon - Unizo
Commercial partners
As the largest business organisation in Belgium, UNIZO represents 110,000 independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and liberal professions, defending their interests at all levels. As a UNIZO member you enjoy numerous member benefits, offered by our partners.
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Partnership Graydon - Rombaut Digital Silverblade
Rombaut Digital
Integration partners
Rombaut developed software for bailiffs, called Silverblade. It opts for full integration of partners within the application. With Graydon, it strives for the most extensive and automated cooperation possible for the clientele.
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Partnership Graydon - Organi
Integration partners
Organi is an IT service provider specialised in sector-specific total solutions (software, hardware and IT services) within four market segments: bailiffs, bookkeeping & accountancy firms, trade & industry and logistics & customs.
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Partnership Graydon - iController
Integration partners
Accurate, unique and up-to-date information is critical to any company's credit management strategy to prevent defaults. Optimise your credit management with a customer-oriented, efficient and highly professional application from iController.
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Partnership Graydon - Harmoney
Integration partners
Harmoney provides an advanced cross-border digital platform with solutions to streamline and automate clients' complex onboarding and compliance processes across sectors including insurance, wealth management and corporate finance and banking.
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Graydon partnerships

Business information for everyone

Graydon strives to make company information accessible to all companies. When companies have a good idea of ​​the opportunities and risks they run in their relationship with customers, suppliers and prospects, they can make the right decisions. This information and knowledge are necessary to be able to do business, to avoid financially unreliable or dubious business relationships, to grow and in this way to help build a prosperous, transparent economy.

Thanks to our partnerships, we make our solutions available to a wide audience, while our partners can offer added value.

Graydon partnerships


Graydon partnerships

The power of our partnerships

Graydon offers the most reliable, qualitative and relevant business data. It also has the expertise to translate that data into valuable and useful insights. It is these insights that add substantial value to our partners' propositions, enabling them to differentiate and grow.

Graydon partnerships

Partnering with Graydon

Interested in a partnership with Graydon?

As a leading supplier of data and insights, Graydon is open to working with complementary organisations.

We are thinking of organisations that support their members or customers to make the right business decisions quickly, to minimise risks or to identify fraud early. Does this sound like you?

Please contact us immediately. Together we can set out the guidelines to build long-term collaboration.

Graydon partnerships

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Koen Michielsen - Graydon Belgium
Koen Michielsen
Partnership Development Manager
Bobby Schuitemaker - Graydon Nederland
Bobby Schuitemaker
Partner Director
Nigel Dickinson - Graydon UK
Nigel Dickinson
Head of Partnerships