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Decision model

A uniform acceptance process for all customers

Judging new customers on their reliability and creditworthiness is time consuming and usually reserved for specialists. However, different specialists will not all make the same decision based on the same information, because their judgement often depends on their individual knowledge, their experiences, and their mood. The decision model API streamlines your acceptance policy so that everyone in your business will assess potential customers in the same, uniform way.

With the decision model API, you can convert your acceptance policy into a fixed process using a number of parameters. You can build a decision model in your own familiar systems that each (new) customer is tested against. All customers follow the same, uniform procedure, after which the user, based on the outcome, can immediately decide whether or not to accept a customer.

That's very useful if you need to screen large volumes of new customers in a tight time frame. But the decision model is also accessible to users who are less familiar with acceptance processes. Thanks to the model itself, they don't have to do any research or interpret any data.

You can also link the decision model API to your online shop. As soon as a customer wants to place an order, they fill in their details and immediately receive the payment method that suits them. This avoids delayed and error-prone data assessments.

Using the decision model API means...

  • A defined acceptance process for all customers
  • Quick customer assessment in a uniform way without specialist intervention
  • Minimal risk of late payments or defaults