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Proven and unique scores to detect risks and opportunities

You can collect a lot of data, but it's the insights you get that count. Graydon has developed different, frequently used scores based on numerous data sources. These proven scores help you quickly detect opportunities and risks in your customer portfolio and your sales market. How useful would it be if you could immediately consult this crucial information in your trusted systems? These unique insights can be implemented quickly with the scores API.

You no longer need to log into different systems or platforms to check a company's credit recommendation, payment score, or multiscore, which can be annoying, time-consuming and error-prone when you need to transfer information from one platform to another.

Thanks to the scores API, Graydon's unique scores are immediately integrated into your applications. Every time the score changes slightly, it is immediately written to your systems and you will receive a notification. And if you can find all of the relevant information about the creditworthiness and payment behaviour for your business relationship in one central system, you can quickly make the right credit decisions.

But you'll not only get a picture of the current situation. For example, the multiscore assesses a company's medium-term financial health, payment morale and chances of survival. That means you'll immediately know whether it is responsible to spend more or less time, money, and energy on that customer.

More and more companies are combining business data and Graydon's unique scores with their own datasets, helping them build customised scores to generate new insights.

Using the scores API means...

  • You'll have all relevant information about risks and opportunities together in your system
  • You can make credit decisions quickly and adapt payment agreements to the current situation
  • You can optimise your financial administration