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An error-free database that is always up-to-date

Companies collect a lot of data about their customers and prospects. Sales, marketing, finance, customer service... they all process business data on business relationships in one way or another. Mistakes are inevitable when that data is entered or adjusted manually. But even if users can avoid errors, it's impossible to keep your database up-to-date at all times. Unless you use the company profile API.

With the company profile API, your trusted systems (CRM, accounting software, etc.) are permanently supplied with all the correct information about your business relationships. That starts with the correct name and address details and the correct VAT number. It helps you avoid errors when you enter a new business relationship into your systems, and avoid entering customers into your systems more than once. Double records have a negative impact on all of the analyses you run on your customer base.

However, in addition to the official name and address details, the company profile also contains information about the status of the company, its size (number of employees), legal form, activity code, etc. This data is an invaluable source of information for sales and marketing. They can rely on that information to create simple segmentation.

Thanks to your link to the unique Graydon database, your database will automatically stay up-to-date. All changes in the company profile are immediately written to your systems without you having to intervene manually. That means everyone in your company will have the same up-to-date data at any time, in any place.

Using the company profile API, means that...

  • You'll always have the correct company information about your business relations, from the first contact
  • Your database stays permanently up-to-date, without manual intervention
  • You'll have extra information that sales and marketing can work with