An error-free database with our company profile

A link to the Graydon database will allow you to retrieve all the correct company data and immediately integrate it into your trusted systems. That way, you reduce the chance of errors or duplicate records down to zero.

Complete and always up-to-date

Your CRM system is constantly fed and updated with the activity code, the size of the company (number of employees), the legal form, the correct name and address data, etc. For sales and marketing, it's an invaluable source of reliable information to divide customers and prospects into different segments. Correct data also ensures good cooperation with the financial services within the company.

Know who you do business with

Check immediately whether your business relationship is active or passive. In short, make sure you know exactly who you're working with in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Quick decisions with Graydon Scores

Optimise your financial administration with the credit recommendation, the payment score and the multiscore to make quick, well-founded credit decisions.

Detect risks and opportunities

Automatically add the different Graydon scores to your systems. It allows you to divide customers according to risks and opportunities and then work out a different approach for each type.

Payment behaviour

You'll immediately get a picture of your business relationship's payment behaviour with their suppliers. Does this correspond to how your customer pays you? You can use this picture to deduce whether you are an important supplier or not.

Tailor-made acceptance process with the Graydon Decision Model

Translate your acceptance policy based into a uniform process on a number of defined parameters. You set the parameters according to your risk appetite and give users no room to make biased or wrong decisions.

Quickly accept or reject customers

Once your procedure is complete, you won't have to look at it again. All you have to do is evaluate it over time and - depending on the number of customers you accept/refuse - adjust it if necessary.

Minimize risk of late or non-payment

If you fill in your customer's details, the user immediately knows which payment method is appropriate. That helps you avoid late payments or defaults.