Address database

The fastest way to get started

Want to get your teeth into a new target audience? Keen to grow your prospect lists? If that sounds like you, then buying a B2B address database, complete with the decision-makers and their contact details, is the fastest way to get started.

Up-to-date for maximum returns

Accordingly to recent findings, a database that you don’t maintain on a daily basis will be at least 10% out of date within 12 months. Furthermore, if you work with incorrect address and contact details, your mailings and other campaigns will miss their target. It’s like pouring valuable time and money down the drain. So make sure that you always work with up-to-date data to achieve maximum returns.

New opportunities for your sales people and your company

An up-to-date database of addresses, complete with new prospects gives your sales team additional opportunities to make sales. Which means your company will benefit, too.

With a business health score

You should add a marker to your address database indicating your prospective customer’s corporate state of health. This enables you to distinguish between risky prospects and creditworthy companies with growth potential. It also allows you to take a different approach to the various types of prospects.


One step ahead of your rivals

The various information channels we use enable us to obtain the details of new start-up businesses with lightning speed. And speed of action is vital if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Within your target group

You can select start-ups based on their business, language, region and/or legal form. For every newly established company, we will give you the name, address, legal form, business code, company number, contact person and telephone number (subject to availability).

Master database

All active companies in Belgium

If you deal with companies from a wide range of sectors, then we will place a master database featuring all active Belgian companies on a separate server for you.

Make unlimited selections

A master database gives you the broadest possible base for you to make your own selections. You can put together unlimited target groups and then refine them further. Once that’s done, you can incorporate the data into your own systems.

Always up to date

Thanks to our updates, you can keep the details of around 1.2 million active Belgian companies up to date at all times. That way you can be sure of having the most current information to hand, which will mean achieving the maximum returns.