Business Analyser

An indispensable instrument in plotting a successful future.
Business Analyser

Each company annually loses some customers. How do you make up for that? What is more, how do you grow on that basis? If you aim for success, growth is a priority. The Business Analyser is an excellent tool when preparing your policy plan.

Growth requires you to expand your existing customer base and attract new customers. In particular profitable customer - growing your sales figures alone does not do the trick. Profit has to grow accordingly. More sales with your existing customers, generating higher profits, winning new and solvent prospects. This information is bundled in the Graydon Business Analyser, an indispensable document to prepare a successful future.

A strategic document

The Business Analyser literally analyses your business, breaking down your Belgian customers into various segments. It shows you where and how your company could realise growth, your market share, who and where your customers are, and much more.

This is a strategic document and a comprehensive report pointing out risks and opportunities in your customer portfolio. It shows you exactly where your pain points are, and where to find the future growth potential. Both with your existing customers and with prospects. No guess work - a sharp analysis, with clear substantiations, and tailored to your company.

Growth potential

You do not need to think long, or be pessimistic about your growth potential. Challenging times require smart management. The Business Analyser is a reliable starting point for your successful future.

  1. The Business Analyser identifies which customers will have a positive or negative effect on your growth. This is important to know when making financial decisions. Depending on your customer’s financial strength or weakness, you can apply a different approach.
  2. The Business Analyser will provide a ready-made profile of your ideal customer. It also gives you an impression of the existing growth potential in your market. Important knowledge for strategic market and sales decisions.
  3. The dual approach of the Business Analyser has an enhancing impact on your profit and will enable your future success.

8 analysis

The Business Analyser contains 8 analyses to allow for healthy growth:

  1. Sustainability risk and growth potential of your customer portfolio.
  2. Sustainability matrix in relation to the sales statistics.
  3. Geographic approach of the sustainability matrix.
  4. Sustainability matrix based on your sub-sectors.
  5. Sustainability matrix in relation to the personnel volume of the file you submitted.
  6. Market penetration analysis based on activity and sustainability matrix.
  7. Sustainability score for each company in the basic file submitted.
  8. File audit on the basic file submitted.