File audit

An initial analysis of your database

A database needs to be maintained on a daily basis or else it will be at least 10% inaccurate and out of date within 12 months. Having a correct database prevents you from wasting time and money. A file audit tells you just how up to date your current database is, or not. How many names and addresses among your business contacts are incorrect? How many of them have since gone passive? How many duplicates are there in it?

Graphic display

A file audit provides a number of interesting insights. Where are your customers located? What is their most common type of legal form? How are they divided up in terms of number of employees? Which are the 5 main sectors your customers are located in?

A free springboard for working into the future

The analysis of your database and the accompanying report are totally free of charge. The file audit also gives you proposals for further analysis or updating, which are totally non-binding and without obligation. Ask for your free file audit here.

Target group analysis

A picture of the potential on the Belgian market

A target group analysis gives you an overview of the approximately 1.2 million companies operating on the Belgian market, broken down by business types, provinces, districts, language and number of employees.

Put your market under the microscope

Do you know which sectors your customers belong to? A target group analysis will give you an accurate picture of the full extent of your market. It will also tell you immediately just how many new business prospects you can aim for.

Your total potential: free of charge

We think it is important for you to be able to grow with your business. And to know what the potential is within your target audience. Which is why the target group analysis is entirely free of charge. Ask for your non-binding and obligation-free target group analysis here.

Market penetration analysis (MPA)

The profile of your ideal customer

Analysing your existing database gives you an accurate profile of your ideal customers. It tells you exactly what features they have. Which is handy if you want to make new selections.

Focusing on your growth potential

A market penetration analysis goes further than a target group analysis. It calculates the proportion of your customers in relation to the total potential in your target audience. If you know what your market penetration is, you also know where your growth potential lies.

Greater returns

Analyse your customers in depth and focus on your target audience. If you work in a structured and carefully thought through way, you are bound to see rewards when you go looking for new business. Particularly if you focus on healthy companies.

Business Analyser

Full analysis of your business

Which region do you sell most profitably in? How much turnover do you obtain from healthy businesses? Which sales person generates the most for you? The Business Analyser gives you an answer to every possible question, drawing on actual figures and well-organised graphics.

Optimum growth

The analysis shows you exactly where your problems lie and where you will find the potential to continue growing into the future. By assessing your opportunities and risks, you will be able to optimise your growth.

Analysing your priorities

The Business Analyser is a great tool for evaluating your policy and making effective adjustments where necessary. It highlights which of your customers and prospects are healthy and have growth potential. These are the ones that deserve your attention as a priority. This analysis is also good for fine-tuning your procedures to suit the type of customer.