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Master database

A database of all Belgian companies, associations, parastatals and independent professionals.
Master database

Are you working with different companies in a wide variety of sectors? Then it will be a challenge to create the ideal customer profile. Rather than performing ad hoc selections, it is more interesting to reserve the full Belgian population for you. In combination with a market penetration analysis, this would be the ideal basis for efficient marketing.

Graydon’s full database is for sale, with updating options. This would include all companies in Belgium, i.e. a master file. This master file will be delivered on a separate server. This gives you the option of making selections at your convenience, refining and editing without further assistance. You can subsequently quickly and easily integrate the data into your systems. Thanks to updates, the master file remains up to date, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data.

Ideal for companies working with different types of companies in a wide variety of sectors. This would include distributors of business gifts, whole-sale companies in paper and office supplies, power suppliers, etc.


A well-known DIY chain integrated a Graydon master file in its systems. When a customer passes the cash register, the company name or company number enables them to consult all up-to-date data. No more spelling errors, double entries or missed address changes.

This DIY chain sees this as a form of service, as it enables the branches to help customers with the speed of light. However, the company also has a uniform file with continually updated official data, excluding the risk of double entries.

Adding health scores to the master file allows you to introduce tailored procedures for various customers.