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New address databases

Up-to-date data for optimal results.
New address databases

Every company needs new customers to grow. In reality, companies lose significant amounts of time, money and energy due to working with incorrect data. Approaching prospects using an incorrect address or the wrong name for the CEO is not exactly a great first impression. The sales force also often focuses their attention on prospects that do not fall within the ideal customer profile. This precludes optimal results.

You could opt to update your existing database, or to start with a clean sheet. The latter may in any case be your only option when accessing a new market.

Preparing a new address database is based on extensive selection options. Graydon offers up-to-date data and a contractually agreed delivery percentage.

Online if you know exactly what you want.

Use the e-shop to perform counts free from obligations. With the wide range of selection criteria and enrichment options, you can conveniently define your target group. The system immediately calculates the potential and cost of your selection. Order now, and pay by credit card or bank transfer to start a new prospecting round. Quick, easy, affordable and always up to date.

Make sure you use the option of selecting on rating, because solvent prospects:

  • pay more often by the due date, increasing your profit
  • generate fewer complaints and require lower maintenance
  • are more loyal and more likely to increase sales

Or request assistance for using less frequently used selections.

Do you have a specific selection that you are unable to perform online? Or do you require a more complex combination of various criteria? Please contact us. We have many data available. Chances are that offline counts are available.