Graydon Expected Growth

Expected Growth

The Expected Growth indicator provides a unique guide to the potential growth opportunities of a company. It examines the extent to which a company can finance its own growth, without immediately calling on external capital. It takes numerous data elements into account. Think for example of total assets, revenue, number of employees, market conditions, and a variety of financial data which is available in Graydon’s database.


Many figures and ratios focus on avoiding risks and bankruptcies. The expected growth indicator resolutely focuses on future growth, so that companies can focus their efforts on customers and prospects where potential can be found. That means you, as an entrepreneur …

  • can do much more targeted prospecting.
  • can determine your priorities more precisely.
  • can assign time and budget to customers and segments where potential can be found.
  • can predict upsell and cross-sell opportunities to significantly improve your ROI.
  • can predict whether, in the coming year, your customer portfolio will grow ... or shrink.

Watch the video: All you have to know about the expected growth (only available in Dutch and French)

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Decide quickly and efficiently based on easily interpretable scores

A wealth of information can be obtained from data. It comes down to collecting, combining and analysing the relevant data and then converting it into valuable insights. Preferably in the form of an easy to interpret score, which makes it possible to make quick and efficient decisions.


Graydon has an enormous database with company information and (predictive) scores. All data can be accessed via APIs in your own systems. Once linked, all departments within your company have immediate access to the most recent data. In short, with Graydon's APIs you can quickly and easily integrate business data and scores into the systems and applications you are familiar with.