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The value of payment behaviour

Payment behaviour is a fixed value within the Graydon insights. It offers you an immediate picture of the payment evolution, the cash position and the current payment intentions of your trading partner. This way, it exceeds the value of the traditional and more static figures of the annual accounts. In addition, payment behaviour is an important pillar in various models and scores that you work with on a daily basis. The more experiences there are, the more accurate the insights are.

Finally, payment experiences are invaluable for assessing organisations without a publication obligation (e.g. sole proprietorships and some legal forms) or starting entrepreneurs (who have not yet filed or published their yearly accounts).

Build a transparent and healthy economy

The Data Exchange Pooling programme has been running at Graydon Belgium since 1984. It is an exchange project which gather thousands of suppliers who share with each other millions of payment experiences of their customers. It is both discreet and anonymous.
We are keen for you to join our Data Exchange Community. By sharing the payment behaviour of your customers, you feed the accuracy of the models that you use every day in your business. You also help other companies, which contributes to a transparent and healthy economy.

Yes, I want to share payment behaviour

One customer who failed to pay almost drove me to bankruptcy. That is why I now share payment experiences out of solidarity with other entrepreneurs. No business should be the victim of a bad payer.
One of our suppliers

Why share payment experiences?

  • You show solidarity with other entrepreneurs and you contribute to a transparent and healthy economy.
  • To better assess organisations without a publication obligation or starting entrepreneurs.
  • To feed models and scores that will make insights even more accurate.
  • To share weak payment behaviour, but also to reward correct payment behaviour.
  • To make a clear distinction: wealthy companies can be sloppy with their payments or pay late on purpose. While on the other hand, companies with a financially weaker picture can be good payers.
  • And simply because sharing can be done quickly and easily.

How easy can it be?

Submitting at least the following fields is enough to get you started:

  • Your customer’s company number
  • The invoice date
  • The expiration date
  • The invoice amount

Please note that Graydon is also integrated in numerous software packages. A push of a button is then enough to start the exchange.

Would you also like to share payment experiences or do you have any other questions? Fill in the reply form and we will contact you as soon as possible to get you started.


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