If you want your company to grow, you’ll need to evaluate risks and opportunities constantly. Is it safe to extend credit to your customers or prospects? And if it is safe today, will that still be the case tomorrow? It is therefore important that you are well informed, so that you can take the best decisions in the interest of your company. Fortunately, there is plenty of data available to assist you. Request your demo right away.

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Our solutions

To collect, quality-check, analyse and convert all data into insights, Graydon is constantly investing in the development of new scores and applications. All solutions for judging risks and detecting growth opportunities can be found in one platform: Graydon Insights. It contains various modules, including:

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Credit reports

In a credit report, you’ll always find all available company data, scores, and insights. This way you quickly obtain a comprehensive and nuanced view of the financial situation of your customer. Both in terms of risk and growth potential.
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Monitoring tool

With monitoring you already avoid that your customers (but also vital suppliers) bring you into their negative spiral. It keeps you constantly informed of their financial situation. Necessary if you enter into a professional relationship with a customer for a longer term and you do not want to miss any information.
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Payment experiences

Since 1984, Graydon has been collecting payment experiences, for which thousands of suppliers share millions of experiences with each other. They give you an up-to-date view of the payment behaviour of your business relation and that complements the traditional and more static numbers and statistics in the annual accounts perfectly.
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Ledger Management

Combining internal data with external data always means added value for your company. Graydon Ledger Management combines the best of both worlds: your aging balance together with our financial knowledge and insights. An ideal tool for detecting risks, but also opportunities.
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International Business

Thanks to an extensive network of partners, you’ll gain access to information and insights about companies in more than 160 countries. Online, or through in-depth research at our research service, a team of specialists with more than 150 years of experience in international credit reporting.
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Decision Model

With a Decision Model, you’re no longer dependent on specialists for the analysis of business data and annual accounts. Once the scores are recorded in the model, anyone can use them, and every employee will assess business relations by the same, objective methods.
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"Graydon Insights is a much more modern, colourful and user-friendly system that we are more than happy to work with." 

Vanessa Wouters - Finance Manager - Synergie

Why choose Graydon?

Do you want to know more about the financial strength or the growth potential of one of your business relations? Then you’re in the right place. For 130 years already, Graydon has been supplying relevant business information to assist with the taking of well-informed financial and commercial decisions. In Belgium we are a market leader because we focus our efforts on data quality and innovative insights.

At international level, we can depend on a network of 130 international databases in over 100 countries, containing information about more than 90 million companies.


Why use credit information?

Businesses that offer their customers delayed payment always run a risk: the risk that the customer pays late, or not at all. Late payments cause irritation and directly affect your profit margin. As time goes on, your profit may be consumed completely and turn into a loss. That cannot be the intention. However, there is enough information available to correctly estimate the risk of non-payment. Why should you not make use that data? When you meet a new business relation or recruit a new employee, you will undoubtedly have a look at that party’s social media profiles. Why would you not do that when a (new) customer places an order with you? Use a report to see whether you can and will be paid within the agreed timeframe. A report offers you all data, innovative scores, and unique insights that you’ll need to generate a correct image of the risk and growth profiles if a company and so take the correct decision.