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Credit report

From compact to extensive business intelligence - everything is compiled in a single credit report.
Free credit report

Do you grant a customer delayed payment? Then you should ensure the customer will pay you by the new due date. A credit report provides all the information you require.

An enhanced credit report contains many data and financial analyses. All information and each category (historical data, management/executives, payment behaviour, financial position, activities, etc.) has a value in plotting a complete chart of a company, association or sole trader.

Business intelligence is highly suitable for correctly assessing a business relation’s financial situation. However, it goes well beyond just that. Actually, business intelligence helps you control payment risks. Unfortunately, the story is more complex than it seems. Business intelligence also provides an insight into your business partners’ growth potential. This gives you access to more opportunities for negotiating in a broader context; you may decide on selling in spite of certain risks or a negative credit advice.

Different types of credit reports

Independent of your information needs, choose the credit report type that is most appropriate to your needs:

  • enhanced: all available information and extensive financial analyses in a single report for a complete and balanced impression of a company.
  • custom: only the information and analyses that you value compiled in a single report.

You gain assurance about getting paid if you request information prior to doing business with your customer.