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Company data

The right details at the right time and the right place.
Company data

Before you enter into business relations with another company, it is best to have quality information. Who is the CEO or Managing Director? How does the company pay its bills? Does this customer have a good credit rating? How is the development in the key figures of the past few years? How many employees does the company have? Etc.

There is something to say about every company in Belgium. Including about sole traders and other companies on which no financial statements are available. Enough other sources are available to form a correct impression of a company. This includes payment behaviour, the publications in the Annexes of the Belgian State Journal, or the details of the Central Database for Enterprises. If available, the annual financial statements are just one document. All data combined provide an accurate impression of the risk and growth profile of a company.

Credit reports customised to your needs

In addition to the standard comprehensive reports on companies, you have the option of compiling your own reports. Feel free to call this a credit report customised to your needs. Not every company needs the same details. The information needs vary even between departments in companies. Finance will mostly be interested to know if the customer is able and willing to pay. Sales may be more interested in other companies that are directly linked to their customer. This gives them a starting point.

A report about a single company can have many different forms.