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Bespoke Analysis

Because insights are essential to make the right decisions.

Research and studies prove that companies make more efficient decisions and achieve better results if they rely on prediction models. Graydon has already developed several generic scores and prediction models. Customers use it to support their decision-making processes. Innovative companies go one step further. They look for tailor-made models that they can implement to further optimise their internal processes.

Prediction models and scores provide an indication of "the likelihood of" eg bankruptcy, non-payment, growth, economic activity, fraud, etc. And you can draw that as broadly as you want. More and more companies are therefore looking further and investigating how they can take an extra step forward with a tailor-made analysis. They are looking for the ultimate element that indicates to them "the probability of ...", so that they can work even more focused and more efficiently in different domains.

A very personal analysis

It is often a very personal analysis. It cannot be copied one-on-one to other companies, but contains very specific insights for your company and your market. This knowledge about your (potential) market, deviating patterns, your customers and their behaviour helps you to realise your strategic objectives.

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Data is essential to make critical decisions. Companies that fail to see this are doomed to lag behind in the long run. However, many companies no longer see the trees from the forest. They don't have the right resources or the expertise to turn data into valuable insights. And, you will always find a reason not to do something. No time? Do you have the data, but not the tools to perform analyses? Or, do you have the tools, but not the data? No idea how to structure and analyse data? By the way, is analysis worthwhile? These are questions that many businesses still struggle with today.

Added value

It is indeed difficult to collect the right data, to make correct analyses and to convert them into valuable insights. But let's be clear: data analysis is essential. In terms of policy management, organisation, customer acceptance and marketing or sales issues, data analysis can reveal insights that provide an answer to a number of pertinent questions. The insights ensure that you can substantiate crucial decisions thoroughly.

Graydon supports both large and small companies with tailor-made solutions that offer real added value.


As a business information specialist, Graydon collects an enormous amount of data. And new data sources are still being added. However, you are nothing with data in itself. It is the insights you derive from it that make the difference and ensure that we can better predict the future. Would you like to know more about your current market, your customer portfolio or your ideal prospects? Do you want to know the probability that a certain action will take place? With data analysis, extensive models and predictive scores you will get the answers to a number of pertinent questions. Our database with structured and unstructured data forms the foundation for all prediction models and analyses that we make.

The entire process up to completion is as follows.

Phase 1 - Exploration


The analytics team listens to your needs and explores three options together with you.

  • You link specific, internal data elements with data from Graydon (and possibly another party) to build an adjusted score or a model.
  • Different companies from the same industry share data to build a unique score that is only shared among the partners that participate.
  • Graydon acts as an intermediary between companies that are willing to share (a specific element from) their database with other players. Graydon provides its knowledge and expertise to build a custom score or model that indicates "the probability of ...".
Work sessions

Together with you and your stakeholders, we determine the main questions and sub-questions of the process.


After the work sessions, we present the final main questions and sub-questions to you and your stakeholders.

Phase 2 - Design


Our experienced team of analysts, product developers and business developers will start your journey.


We collect the correct data - from you and from Graydon - and prepare it for analysis. During this preparation, the possible presentation formats are immediately examined to determine, together with you, whether they meet the requirements.

Data models

We then determine the data models we need, build new models or use artificial intelligence to create the right models.

Pase 3 - Creation


After the correct preparation, the desired analyses are carried out.


In the meantime, we will coordinate the provisional results with you and, if desired, changes can be made to the analyses. 

Phase 4 - Go live


We present the results to you and your stakeholders. Together we go through all the analyses, steps and results. 


You can make the right business decisions based on the results presented in collaboration with our Data Analytics team. 


Finally, we evaluate the entire process together with you. 



In consultation with you, we determine which method is most convenient for you. Standard delivery is done via a dynamic HTML report, which is available through our Graydon Insights platform. In addition, a presentation is also given to you based on the insights obtained. It is also possible to provide the data on which the analysis is based in consultation, so that you can take further action yourself.

Integration into your existing IT environment

The amount of adjustments needed to use Analytics in your existing IT environment differs per solution. For some scores you do not need adjustments and for others you do. In consultation it is discussed how you can create an optimal environment with minimal adjustments.

External platform

We build an external platform for some applications. This usually involves a solution to make extensive analyses and simulate scenarios yourself.